In 1998, I was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma and given months to live. I consulted more than a dozen leading oncologists and got conflicting recommendations. No one could tell me: ‘Which treatment is best for me?’

A clinical trial saved my life—despite itself being unsuccessful—only raising more questions. Why did this therapy work for me but not for others? Could my experience help similar patients? It was life-saving knowledge I wanted to share with all cancer patients.

Welcome to Cancer Commons.

Marty Tenenbaum, PhD Founder of Cancer Commons

Since our founding in 2011, we have delivered personalized, evidence-based guidance at no charge to more than 10,000 patients and caregivers, supported entirely by philanthropy.

  • You’re not alone. Cancer Commons is a great resource and sounding board to ask questions and get advice and support.

    Advanced breast cancer patient

  • My family is so grateful for the information and guidance we received from Cancer Commons during a particularly stressful time where a decision needed to be made quickly. We are particularly thankful for the help and assistance of Matthew Warner…It helped give us confirmation that the trial we were looking at for my dad’s recurrent GBM was a reasonable and good decision.

    Daughter of Glioblastoma patient

  • Emma has been so helpful and kind to my wife.

    Husband of cancer patient

  • Everyone who has cancer or who knows someone with cancer should reach out to Cancer Commons. There is no better resource.

    Friend of a gastric cancer patient

  • The team at Cancer Commons provided options above and beyond what the local care team had offered. Such a great service for patients.


Cancer Commons is staffed by accomplished researchers with PhDs in the molecular biology and pharmacology of cancer and in Artificial Intelligence. They have joined the Commons to apply their knowledge and expertise to help patients research their options in real time using the latest tools of precision oncology.