Cancer Commons logo next to the word WEBINAR, over the title of the webinar: A New Technology for Rapid Therapy Guidance

A New Technology for Rapid Therapy Guidance: Webinar Recording Now Available

Cancer Commons’ most recent webinar, A New Technology for Rapid Therapy Guidance, was held virtually December 14, 2022. This presentation and Q&A session introduced viewers to a new cancer therapy guidance test that is designed to predict which cancer drugs are most likely to be effective for individual cancer patients.

Cancer Commons CEO Rebecca Driscoll introduced Clifford Reid, PhD (Founder and CEO) and Dennis Watson (VP of Business Development) of Travera, and Commons Scientist Kaumudi Bhawe, PhD, who led the Q&A session.

Cancer Commons is partnering with Travera with the shared goal of helping late-stage cancer patients who are running out of therapeutic options and time.

A complete recording of the webinar is available here. If you have questions after viewing, please feel to email Cancer Commons at