Kaumudi Bhawe, PhD Cancer Commons Scientist


    Cellular Aging and the Development of Cancer

    With: Kaumudi Bhawe, PhD

    Cancer is so often a disease of older people that a whole medical field, “oncogeriatrics,” exists to address the topic. Deeper understanding of the links between cancer and aging could lead to better treatments. Here, our Curious Dr. George asks Cancer Commons Clinical Scientist Kaumudi Bhawe, PhD, about the relationship between cancer and aging processes that occur in individual cells in our bodies—throughout our… Read more »


    Facing Esophageal Cancer in 2022

    Kaumudi Bhawe, PhD

    Difficulty swallowing, a hoarse voice, or heartburn has led to the dreaded diagnosis of esophageal cancer. What now? Origin, Types, and Stages of Esophageal Cancer If you or a loved one face esophageal cancer, it can be helpful to start by learning more about the disease and your particular diagnosis. Then, you will be prepared to learn about esophageal cancer treatments. Esophageal cancer originates… Read more »

  •   Kaumudi Bhawe, PhD