Thomas N. Seyfried, PhD

Thomas N. Seyfried, PhD Professor of Biology at Boston College


    Treating Pancreatic Cancer: Could Metabolism—Not Genomics—Be the Key?

    With: Thomas N. Seyfried, PhDDerek Lee, MSTomás Duraj, MD, PhD

    In 2018, we published a Curious Dr. George post featuring Thomas N. Seyfried, PhD, about cancer possibly being mostly a metabolic—rather than genetic—disease. Since then, the field of cancer genomics has expanded enormously, and we have published many posts in support of better understanding and treatment of many types of cancer based on the genomic approach. Here, Dr. Seyfried and two of his colleagues at Boston College—Derek Lee, MS,… Read more »


    Might Cancer Be a Metabolic Disease?

    With: Thomas N. Seyfried, PhD

    A Q&A with Thomas N. Seyfried, PhD, Professor of Biology, Boston College Q: As a geneticist, you know that the genomic makeup of cancers recently has captivated much of the scientific community with new knowledge and new treatments. And yet, cancer outcomes remain dismal for many patients. You have written about cancer from a very different perspective. Why do you consider cancer to be… Read more »