Cancer Commons Founder is Keynote Speaker at Cancer Advance Boston

Cancer Commons founder Marty Tenenbaum, PhD, will deliver a Keynote Chat at Cancer Advance Boston on Wednesday, April 24 at 2:40pm. This annual gathering is “an invitation-only, off-the-record forum that brings together the past, present and future leaders to network and share expertise in cancer therapeutics.”

Marty, who founded Cancer Commons after dealing with his own cancer diagnosiswill discuss some of the major problems he’s working to fix: “Clinical oncology is in crisis. Patients and physicians are overwhelmed by a tsunami of research findings, conflicting expert opinions, and a shortage of actionable data. Meanwhile trials cost too much, take too long, and are too narrowly focused. Individual outcomes vary widely and too many trials compete for too few patients. Learn how AI can help bio-pharma slash the time and cost of developing drugs, physicians make better decisions, and patients achieve superior outcomes.”

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