Cancer Commons Leadership to Speak at Precision Medicine World Conference—Patients Welcome!

Cancer Commons leadership, including founder Marty Tenenbaum, executive director Erika Vial Monteverdi, and editor in chief George Lundberg, are speaking at the 2019 Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC) in Silicon Valley. Every year, the conference attracts doctors, innovators, and patients “to learn first-hand about the latest developments and advancements in precision medicine and cutting-edge new strategies and solutions that are changing how patients are treated.”

On January 22 at 8:45 am, Marty will lead a panel discussing the potential of real-world evidence to inform research and clinical decision making: “Traditionally, the majority of evidence regarding the benefits and risks of cancer treatments is derived from clinical trial populations. However, the vast majority of cancer patients receive treatment outside the context of clinical trials. There is tremendous motivation to evaluate the benefits and risks of cancer treatments delivered in the context of ‘real world’ care. Real-world evidence (RWE) is typically defined as treatment that is not delivered in accordance with an investigational protocol and therefore lacks clearly specified endpoints and assessment intervals for determining benefit. This session will cover opportunities and challenges in using real-world evidence to inform clinical decision making in cancer. The session will review opportunities and challenges in defining real world endpoints and the development of methods and analytical tools capable of generating insights from RWE.”

Erika’s talk takes place on January 22 at 3:45 pm. She will discuss how Cancer Commons is bridging research and clinical care: “Cancer Commons is building a ‘Virtual Trial’ (VT) network that will continuously learn from the clinical experiences of all patients, on all treatments, all the time. Each patient’s treatment regimen will be adaptively planned by a Virtual Tumor Board (VTB) to optimize their individual outcome. The VTBs will share treatment recommendations and rationales with each other and with leading academic cancer centers. Individual treatment plans will be prospectively coordinated across all patients in the network to maximize collective learning.”

George will be moderating a variety of talks and events taking place in Track 2 of the conference throughout the day on January 22.

Patients are welcome and encouraged to attend PMWC 2019! Patients can register at a 90% discount—to apply for the discounted rate of $155, click here, then click on the “Patient” button.