Cancer Commons Participates in Lively Discussion of Precision Medicine at PMWC 2017

Update 3-1-17: A video of this event has now been released. Watch it below.

This year’s Precision Medicine World Conference in Mountain View, California, was well-attended by many members of Cancer Commons, who shared in the scientific discoveries that will lead the way to more personalized, accurate, and effective cancer care. Precision medicine is a rapidly evolving field with many breakthroughs in science, technology, and diagnosis that is transforming the way cancer care is practiced at the bedside.

A special session was co-chaired by Cancer Commons board member Larry Marton and Lincoln Nadauld, director of the personalized oncology program at Intermountain Healthcare in Utah. The session also featured Cancer Commons medical director Kevin Knopf, Mountain View oncologist Edmund Tai, and Tim Collins, who is corporate vice president of operations and research at Scripps Health in San Diego.

Session participants engaged in a lively back-and-forth discussion about issues of paramount importance to patients, with a focus on how to accelerate the time it takes for precision oncology discoveries made in the lab and selected institutions to reach the bedside for patients who are battling cancer in the trenches. Discussion included the diffusion of information and how practicing oncologists can learn difficult concepts in precision oncology more effectively. Participants also discussed economic incentives and barriers to delivering state-of-the-art cancer care in a community-based setting—where 80% of patients are treated, and how precision medicine is practiced in academic settings.

The dialogue was informative and spirited, and it illustrated many roadblocks that we are actively working on solving at Cancer Commons. Along these lines, we are forming an Industry Alliance to allow companies interested in precision cancer care to discuss ways to achieve progress more rapidly and solve the problems that our patients are interested in solving.

Read more about the session and its participants: How To Engage Community Oncologists in Precision Medicine

Watch the video:

D2 10:30 T1 Lincoln Nadauld, Intermountain Healthcare; Tim Collins, Scripps Health; Edmund Tai, PAMF;Kevin Knopf, Cancer Commons from PMWC Intl on Vimeo.