Exceptional responders in oncology competition

Cancer Commons Partners with Cureus to Find & Learn from Exceptional Responders

Some cancer patients have outstanding or unexpected responses to treatment. These “exceptional responders” can reveal new treatment approaches and new directions for research. Now, Cancer Commons has partnered with publishing platform Cureus to discover and learn from these remarkable cases.

The first Exceptional Responders in Oncology Publishing Competition seeks challenging cases in which patients responded unusually well (or poorly) to treatment. Oncologists are invited to submit entries in the form of case reports. All entries will be made public and will be evaluated according to Cureus’ unique peer-review process. The winning entry will earn a $3,000 monetary prize.

From the competition page:

We are particularly interested in the treatment options you considered, your clinical/scientific rationale for selecting the treatment, and the patient outcome. Our goal is to share the results with other patients and oncologists who might benefit, so that positive experiences can be quickly explored and negative experiences quickly avoided.

Check out the press release, or submit a case.