Text reads: The ASCO Post over a headshot of Cancer Commons Scientist Kaumudi Bhawe, PhD

Cancer Commons Scientist Kaumudi Bhawe, PhD, Featured in The ASCO Post

“Cancer really shook up our lives when I was young, but it also paved the way for my lifelong quest to be on the front lines of research, doing the work to understand cancer and help develop treatments from multiple angles.” —Kaumudi Bhawe, PhD

Here at Cancer Commons, Scientist Kaumudi Bhawe, PhD, works one-on-one with cancer patients and caregivers to ensure they have the most up-to-date information on their particular cancer, equipping them to make crucial treatment decisions in partnership with their oncologists. An accomplished cancer researcher, Kaumudi’s career was also shaped by an early personal experience with cancer.

Learn more about Kaumudi’s cancer expertise, personal story, and recommendations for families facing cancer in this new article from The ASCO Post.

You can also read more about Kaumudi’s personal story on our website.