Facing Metastatic Cancer


Is Metastatic Cancer Curable?

A diagnosis of metastatic cancer raises urgent questions. If your or your loved one’s cancer has reached an advanced stage, one of your biggest questions will be, “Is there a cure?”

In some cases, metastatic or advanced cancer can be cured. But most often, treatment does not cure cancer at this stage. Still, treatment may slow the growth of your or your loved one’s disease. Some people live many months or years with advanced cancer. And there are people like Cancer Commons Founder Marty Tenenbaum who was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma in 1998 and is still thriving.

At Cancer Commons, we’re committed to leveraging the latest research and outcomes from patients on innovative treatments to provide you with the best-possible treatment plan. Our unbiased, one-on-one service eliminates confusion and provides renewed hope that you’ve left no stone unturned.

Get Access to the Best Treatment for You

When you have advanced or metastatic cancer, navigating the healthcare system is often overwhelming. You may wonder whether you’re on the right path, and if your best option may lie beyond standard treatments. Cancer Commons can help you identify personalized treatment options. We help you:

  • Discover clinical trials that provide access to the latest treatments
  • Identify and access promising off-label treatments
  • Find and access treatments that are available only through expanded-access or compassionate-use programs
  • Access molecular diagnostic testing to guide treatment
  • Stay on top of the latest developments in cancer research

We’ll do everything we can to facilitate access to the right treatment for you or your loved one. And we’ll apply what we learn from you to help future patients identify and access their own best options.

Our virtual, distributed approach enables us to reach anyone with internet access, so we can help patients of diverse backgrounds find cutting-edge treatments close to home.

Registering with Cancer Commons

When you register with Cancer Commons, you will be asked to sign an agreement so we can review your medical information to provide personalized help. If you prefer, we can request your records on your behalf.

You will then be paired with one of our PhD scientists, who will review your case and investigate your best treatment and testing options, according to the latest evidence-based scientific advancements. Your scientist will compile these options into an easy-to-understand report that you can discuss with your oncologist.

Final decisions regarding tests and treatments are always up to you and your care team. If necessary, through our Commons, we will help facilitate access to your desired tests and treatments.

Perpetual Clinical Trial

We also invite you to enroll in XCELSIOR, a “perpetual clinical trial" we're running in partnership with xCures. This perpetual trial, which is open to patients receiving care in the U.S., allows us to learn from each patient in order to help similar patients—and eventually, all future patients.

XCELSIOR is a powerful new approach to learn from people with advanced cancer who receive novel treatments, such as drugs originally developed for other conditions (“off-label” drugs) or new combinations of existing drugs. Typically, the results of these individualized, “N-of-1” experiments are uncoordinated, and little is learned, or it is learned very slowly. XCELSIOR shifts the clinical trials paradigm from approving drugs to curing patients—truly putting patients first.

Personal Tumor Boards

If your situation is particularly challenging, we can present it to national experts and possibly assemble a virtual tumor board—a select group of oncologists, researchers, and other professionals dedicated to collectively reasoning around your specific case.

You will receive a report of their conclusions on your best-possible treatment plan, as well as the reasoning behind it, which you can use to inform your treatment decisions.

Get Help With Your Treatment Plan

Dealing with advanced or metastatic cancer is complex. Cancer Commons is here to help. Sign up today to receive expert, one-on-one support to help you make sense of your options.

Our goal is to equip you and your physician with the personalized knowledge you need to make the best-possible treatment decisions for yourself or your loved one. We have learned from patients who came before you, and your experience will help many more.