Getting Patients The Right Care at the Right Time: Cancer Commons and Michelle’s Place

Cancer Commons is dedicated to helping more cancer patients understand their cancer diagnoses and find the most effective testing, treatments, and clinical trials. A new collaboration with Michelle’s Place Cancer Resource Center in Temecula, California, will allow us to connect with local patients, and serve as a model for future partnerships with community-based advocacy groups.

Michelle’s Place offers a myriad of programs designed to empower, provide support, and help people with all types of cancer make connections and expand their support circles. They see 80 to 100 patients each month, and their Navigators talk patients through major concerns and link them to community resources.

Some of these patients, however, desperately need information on clinical trials and other cutting edge treatment options. As of this September, Michelle’s Place Navigators can refer advanced and metastatic patients to Cancer Commons to receive high-touch navigation—and testing and treatment options that take into consideration the latest evidence-based scientific advancements.

Patients and caregivers will continue to receive support in their community and receive the added benefit of all that Cancer Commons provides. Patients will also have the option to enroll in a longitudinal study assessing individualized therapies and contributing to improved outcomes for future cancer patients.

This partnership is part of Cancer Commons’ commitment to equitable access and helping more patients identify their best possible treatment options. We welcome inquiries from other community-based advocacy organizations to discuss potential collaboration.