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Erika Vial Monteverdi
Executive Director

Advanced cancer is personal, but you don’t have to face it alone. Our experts review your medical records and work with you to find your best treatment options

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Our network brings together leading cancer experts, including physicians, clinical researchers, and laboratory scientists

  • Now is the time to be very actively involved in your own care.

    Tony Blau, MD
    University of Washington

  • In a field as complex and dynamic as molecular oncology in 2020, Cancer Commons offers an amazing opportunity for patients with advanced cancer to obtain scientifically up-to-date additional options that... Read more »

    Gavin Gordon, PhD
    Molecular Pathologist

  • It has been extremely gratifying to see how Cancer Commons has brought clarity and greater access to this expertise through its convening and curation.

    Keith Flaherty, MD
    Cancer Commons Advisor

  • Cancer Commons is truly unique at rapidly matching patients with advanced cancer with the best precision therapy or clinical trial.

    E. David Crawford, MD
    Cancer Commons Advisor

  • I’d already been leaning heavily towards a decision, and Emma helped me achieve the final decision…But Emma’s more than a scientist. She is a caring person.

    Breast cancer patient