Cancer Commons International

Every day, Cancer Commons provides personalized treatment decision support to patients and caregivers who face the devastating challenges of advanced cancer.

Where We’re Headed: Due to high demand and limited resources, our philanthropy-driven services are currently available only for U.S. residents. Now, we want to help many more.

We strive to expand our services across borders by engaging local and regional organizations to establish regionally based programs around the world.

Become an International Partner: To learn more about Cancer Commons International and how you could help us expand, please contact Executive Director Erika Monteverdi at

Our Global Vision: Today, 80% of cancer patients around the world lack access to cancer experts or leading cancer clinics. According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, fewer than 5% of adult cancer patients participate in cancer trials. Additionally, 20% to 30% of cancers remain so poorly understood that there is no standard treatment for them.

Cancer Commons has always worked towards solving these issues. In fact, before demand grew too high, we served thousands of patients and caregivers across 69 countries, while accelerating the search for better treatments and permanent cures. We are heartened by the many messages sent by patients and caregivers worldwide telling us how much help and hope they’ve received. By collaborating with international partners, we aim to replicate our proven success around the world. Join us.