Our Services

The Information Commons

We provide patients and their caregivers with actionable information and data to make informed decisions—and minimize trial and error.

Our staff scientists, in consultation with external experts, help each patient identify and access an individualized regimen of therapies that specifically target the molecular drivers of their disease. Treatment guidance is informed by the clinical experiences of previous patients.

We refer patients to a myriad of services to help them navigate the cancer maze and act on the information and recommendations we give them.

Shifting the Research Paradigm

Tightly integrating cancer research and clinical care shifts the clinical research paradigm from approving drugs to curing patients. This paradigm shift has the potential to simultaneously optimize individual patient outcomes, maximize collective learning, and accelerate development  of the most promising new therapies.

We coordinate treatment plans across patients to rapidly replicate successes and quash failures. We share what we learn from patients, physicians, researchers, and publications through the Commons to enhance the collective intelligence of the community.

The Cancer Commons Difference

  • We cut across institutions and disciplines.
  • Our virtual approach enables us to reach anyone with internet access.
  • We have learned from the thousands of advanced cancer patients who came before you, and your experience will help many more.
  • We know time is of the essence. Help starts at registration.
Why Cancer Commons?
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Our Approach

Cancer Commons is assembling an alliance of advocacy groups and industry partners that share our vision—and contribute their expertise, technology, and data to its realization. We leverage our partners to provide services to our patients and they leverage us, creating a network that can ultimately impact the care of millions.