We are here to help!

You have been referred to Cancer Commons by the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) to enroll in our Virtual Tumor Board program.

To get started, we need a bit of information from you. Once you fill in the form below, you will receive a follow-up email. During the registration process you will be asked to sign an agreement so we can review your medical information.

After you have registered, we will assemble a virtual tumor board—a select group of oncologists, researchers, and other professionals dedicated to reviewing your case and investigating your best treatment and testing options, according to the latest evidence-based scientific advancements.

You will receive a report of their conclusions on potential treatment and testing options, as well as the reasoning behind them, which you can use to inform your treatment decisions and discuss with your oncologist.

This service is always free to you. However, in return for registering, we require that you allow us to follow your progress as long as needed to see how your treatments work. This way we learn from every patient’s experiences to make the program work better.

Absolutely wonderful!! Matt is a wealth of knowledge and so prompt at getting back to emails and reporting findings or results. It really is incredible to have this resource free of charge as a second opinion, and gives me comfort knowing what we are doing is the best we can do for now, leaving no stone unturned. We appreciate Cancer Commons so very much!!

Daughter of a grade IV glioblastoma patient