Masako Yokota

As Chief of Staff to Cancer Commons Chairman Marty Tenenbaum, Masako works behind the scenes, taking care of critical logistics so that Marty can focus on the bigger vision of Cancer Commons and make it a reality.

Prior to joining Cancer Commons, Masako worked in a variety of sectors, including venture capital, real estate, academia, and technology. With 10+ years of experience supporting C-level executives, she aspires to apply all her knowledge and assist the team to achieve the best resolutions. As a non-smoker lung cancer survivor, she is committed to increasing awareness of the stigma surrounding this particular form of cancer.

Masako, a native of Japan, has a B.A. in music and teaches piano and voice. She also performs at local venues including hospitals and care facilities.  She recently directed a program to benefit Cancer Commons and performed music by George Gershwin, who is believed to have succumbed to glioblastoma.