combination therapy

  •   George Lundberg, MD

    A special issue of the research journal Annals of Esophagus curated by Contributing Editor George Lundberg, MD.

    This special issue of an academic research journal discusses “multimodality” treatment—the combination of more than one treatment—and how it is used to treat advanced esophageal cancer.


  •   Emma Shtivelman, PhD


    “Precision oncology often relies on treating patients with a single, molecularly matched therapy that targets one mutation in their tumor. In a report, published online in Nature Medicine  on April 22, 2019, University of California San Diego School of Medicine researchers found that treating patients with personalized, combination therapies improved outcomes in patients with therapy resistant cancers.”

    Go to full article published by UC San Diego Health on April 22, 2019.

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    Melanoma News at ASCO 2017: Combination Treatments

    Emma Shtivelman, PhD

    There are many hopes that combining immune checkpoint inhibitor drugs, or combining them with drugs of other types (immunotherapy, targeted therapy, or chemotherapy) is the future of treatment for many kinds of cancer. Literally hundreds of clinical trials are actively exploring these combinations, and melanoma is the cancer for which trials of this type abound. Last month, the annual meeting of the American Society… Read more »