•   George Lundberg, MD

    Curated by Editor in Chief George Lundberg, MD, who notes:

    Prostate cancer is the most common potentially lethal cancer diagnosed among American men. The great majority do not die of their disease. But there are many controversies about best handling. To learn more, read this authoritative, detailed presentation from Medscape, published August 2019.


  •   George Lundberg, MD

    Curated by Editor in Chief George Lundberg, MD, who notes:

    Cancer of the urinary bladder is common, commonly recurs, and can be fatal. To learn more, read this up-to-date, comprehensive, unbiased, and balanced report from Medscape.

    At Diagnosis, What Do Cancer Patients Want?

    With: Laura Benson, RN, MS, ANP

    A Q&A with Laura Benson, RN, MS, ANP, president of Conversations in Care, LLC; LauraBensonRN@Gmail.com Q: In our digital communication world of 2019, some patients may receive the initial message that YOU HAVE CANCER by cell phone, text, email, or even voice mail. When this happens, what do patients most want, and how can that best be accomplished? A: When I first read your question, I… Read more »

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    “U.S. regulators have approved a first-of-a-kind test that looks for mutations in hundreds of cancer genes at once, giving a more complete picture of what’s driving a patient’s tumor and aiding efforts to match treatments to those flaws.

    “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Foundation Medicine’s test for patients with advanced or widely spread cancers, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services proposed covering it.

    “The dual decisions, announced late Thursday, will make tumor-gene profiling available to far more cancer patients than the few who get it now and will lead more insurers to cover it.”

    Go to full article by Houston Chronicle on Dec 2, 2017.

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