How an Expert Would Manage His Own Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

    With: John H. Strickler, MD

    When confronted with a new cancer diagnosis, some people ask their doctors, “What would you do if you were me?” Here, our Curious Dr. George asks Cancer Commons Expert Physician Advisor John Strickler, MD, how he would handle his own diagnosis of metastatic pancreatic cancer. Dr. Strickler is Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Medical Oncology at Duke University and Co-Leader of… Read more »

  •   George Lundberg, MD

    Article from the Miami Herald curated by Contributing Editor George Lundberg, MD, who notes: 

    The RenovoCath chemotherapy device permits targeted delivery of usual chemotherapy drugs directly into, and limited to, localized but inoperable pancreatic cancers. It is currently being tested in a phase 3 clinical trial.


  •   George Lundberg, MD

    Article from The ASCO Post curated by Editor in Chief George Lundberg, MD, who notes: 

    A treatment that combines two drugs can be beneficial for some patients who have advanced pancreatic cancer with BRCA mutations.

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