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    Using Real World Evidence to Show Initial Results of a Drug Combination in Pancreatic Cancer Patients

    Lola Rahib, PhD

    In collaboration with xCures and the Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah, Cancer Commons presented initial findings from our real-world data registry on a novel treatment combination for pancreatic cancer patients at a conference in San Diego, CA, today. The “Special Conference on Advancing Precision Advancing Precision Medicine Drug Development: Incorporation of Real-World Data and Other Novel Strategies” is hosted by the… Read more »


    Cancer Commons and xCures Invite Participation from Patients Who Try New Combo Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer

    Treatment for metastatic pancreatic cancer has seen progress in recent years, but outcomes remain poor and treatment advances that can prolong patients’ lives, even for a few months, are eagerly awaited. Two papers published today in the scientific journal Nature Medicine report that a new combination of two drugs that are FDA-approved for other conditions may significantly delay progression of pancreatic cancer in cells… Read more »

  •   Emma Shtivelman, PhD

    Excerpt from Cancer Network:

    “The combination of encorafenib and binimetinib resulted in longer overall survival (OS) compared with vemurafenib in patients with BRAF V600–mutant melanoma, according to results of the COLUMBUS trial. Combined with an earlier report showing improved progression-free survival (PFS), this suggests the regimen should become an important option in this setting.

    “Small-molecule BRAF inhibitors, originally introduced as monotherapy, offered improvements in outcomes for these melanoma patients. ‘However, response durations were short and BRAF inhibitor treatment was associated with the development of squamous cell skin cancer and other skin toxicities related to paradoxical MAPK pathway activation,’ wrote study authors led by Reinhard Dummer, MD, of University Hospital Zurich in Switzerland. Combinations of BRAF and MEK inhibition have improved the situation further, but better treatment options are still needed.”

    Go to full article published by Cancer Network on Sep 26, 2018.

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