metastatic cancer

  •   George Lundberg, MD

    The most common brain tumors are other types of cancer that have spread (or “metastasized”) to the brain from a primary site elsewhere in the body. And, the genomic makeup of the brain metastases may not be the same as the primary cancer. An article from The ASCO Post discusses what this means for treatment.



    What Is a Cancer Commons Options Report?

    With: Lola Rahib, PhD

    As a Cancer Commons Scientist, Lola Rahib, PhD, helps cancer patients and caregivers navigate treatment. Some of these patients receive a Cancer Commons Options Report. Here, our Curious Dr. George asks Dr. Rahib to share what goes into each Options Report. Curious Dr. George: Cancer Commons provides advanced cancer patients who seek information with additional options for them to consider, all free of charge. What does… Read more »


    How to Tell a Patient Their Cancer Has Spread

    With: Lisa Dinhofer, MA, CT

    A Q&A with crisis communication expert Lisa Dinhofer, MA, CT Q. As a counselor and communicator, you are expert and experienced in managing serious situational difficulties up to and including coping with sudden unexpected death. How would you think it best to approach a person with cancer who is being told, “your cancer has spread”? A: I’ll answer this question by posing another—how did… Read more »