Plain Language Summaries Improve Access to Medical Research

    With: Chris Winchester, DPhilAdeline Rosenberg, MSc

    Cancer Commons helps people make sense of the latest research on treatments for their distinct type of cancer. Meanwhile, a growing number of research papers now include a plain language summary (PLS)—an overview of the paper written for anybody to understand. Here, our Curious Dr. George discusses plain language summaries with Adeline Rosenberg, MSc, Senior Medical Writer at the healthcare communications company Oxford PharmaGenesis,… Read more »

  •   George Lundberg, MD

    Research paper from Nature Reviews Cancer curated by Editor in Chief George Lundberg, MD, who notes: 

    The New York-based authors of this study have rediscovered the vital use of the autopsy to learn more about how cancer works.

    Go to full paper published in Nature Reviews Cancer.

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