•   George Lundberg, MD

    Research paper from JAMA Network Open curated by Contributing Editor George Lundberg, MD, who notes: 

    This study linked continued opioid use after breast cancer treatment to many serious adverse effects in older women.


  •   Emma Shtivelman, PhD


    “A quarter of newly diagnosed cancer patients 65 or older are survivors who had a prior cancer — often preventing them from participating in clinical trials, researchers from UT Southwestern’s Simmons Cancer Center have found.

    “The UT Southwestern scientists found that 11 percent of individuals ages 20-64 had a history of a prior cancer, and 25 percent of individuals 65 or older had a history of a prior cancer.

    “As the number of cancer survivors grows, more individuals are being excluded from cancer clinical trials that could benefit them when diagnosed with a second cancer.”

    Go to full article published by ScienceDaily on Nov 22, 2017.

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