Why Cancer Commons?

An advanced cancer diagnosis can be devastating. We give hope to patients, caregivers, and experts by helping ensure they've left no stone unturned. Here's what they have to say:

Glioblastoma is devastating, and Cancer Commons made excellent recommendations to present to our medical team. They know what they are doing and have the experts that can sift through the voluminous mountain of research.

Glory Cochrane
Wife of glioblastoma patient

This free-of-charge, high-quality information service is a wonderful resource for patients with advanced cancer.

Hope S. Rugo, MD
UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center

The best part of cancer commons is timely access to a tumor board. It gives reassurance to the patient and family that the current treatment approach is correct and that other options are available.

Caregiver of a cancer patient

Cancer Commons is the absolute best for helping when diagnosed with cancer. They help you understand your cancer and all the treatment options, including clinical trials. I have relied on them for many friends, and don’t know what I would do without them.

Friend of a metastatic ovarian cancer patient, and many others

Cancer Commons helped give me peace of mind with my treatment decision. Chief scientist Emma Shtivelman’s expert, science-based opinion made such logical sense, and it also felt right in my soul.

Breast cancer patient

Cancer Commons is truly unique at rapidly matching patients with advanced cancer with the best precision therapy or clinical trial.

E. David Crawford, MD
Cancer Commons Advisor

Dr. Rahib is extremely helpful and I am very thankful to have access to such professional and state-of-the-art support.

Daughter of pancreatic cancer patient

Now is the time to be very actively involved in your own care.

Tony Blau, MD
University of Washington

Everyone who has cancer or who knows someone with cancer should reach out to Cancer Commons. There is no better resource.

Friend of a gastric cancer patient

I’d already been leaning heavily towards a decision, and Emma helped me achieve the final decision…But Emma’s more than a scientist. She is a caring person.

Breast cancer patient